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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tamora Pierce (Cheap Buys)

Melissa Kantor - The Breakup Bible

Junior Jen Lewis' life revolves around the school newspaper and her boyfriend, the paper's editor. So things really go south when Max dumps her, and Jen is left to wonder why and wander around hopelessly. When Jen's grandmother gives her Dr. Emory Emerson's The Breakup Bible, brimming with advice about moving on, Jen tosses it; she doesn't want to move on. Then, she learns that Max left her for another girl on the newspaper and decides she desperately needs the guidance.

Market Price: RM34.16
Our Price: RM12
Condition: 4/5 (Cover slightly creased)
Product Details: Paperback
Status: Available

Jane Green - To Have and To Hold (SOLD!!)

What happens when your Prince Charming turns out not to be so charming after all? In To Have and To Hold, bestselling author Jane Green offers a sizzling, highly entertaining look at romantic relationships after we say “I do.” 

Alice knows she should be happy. A charming twenty-eight-year-old with a successful catering business, she’s always dreamed of a rose-covered cottage in the English countryside, filled with children and animals and home-cooked meals. Her favorite attire is comfy jeans, her best manicure features garden dirt under the nails. But when her teenage crush—the wealthy, dashing man-about-town Joe Chambers—wants to make her his bride, Alice is more than willing to play Cinderella to Joe’s prince. Never mind that he wants her to change—a diet, ice-blond highlights, stilettos, snooty gallery openings—and that he’s allergic to nature and kids. She tells herself she’s happy to sacrifice for love, and besides, with Joe’s stunning good looks and high-profile career at a top financial firm, every woman in London wants to be in her shoes. 


Sherilyn Kenyon (2 for Less)

Stephnie Meyer - New Moon (SOLD!!!)

'Shoot, I muttered when the paper sliced my finger; I pulled it out to examine the damage. A single drop of blood oozed from the tiny cut.It all happened very quickly then.Edward threw himself at me, flinging me back across the table...I tumbled down to the floor by the piano, with my arms thrown out instinctively to catch my fall, into the jagged shards of glass. I felt the searing, stinging pain that ran from my wrist to the crease inside my elbow. Dazed and disoriented, I looked up from the bright red blood pulsing out of my arm-into the fevered eyes of the six suddenly ravenous vampires.'