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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Katherine Langrish - Troll Fell (Hardcover) - SOLD!!!

When Peer Ulfsson's father dies, the boy is forced to live with his disgusting and greedy twin uncles. Peer soon discovers that they plan to sell him to the local troll king; he will be a wedding present to the king's son and will serve the newlyweds as a slave. Meanwhile, Peer makes friends with Hilde, a girl from a neighboring farm, and she tries to help him find a way to escape his fate. Then the uncles' plans change, and they abduct Hilde's twin siblings to sell to the trolls instead. As events unfold, Hilde and Peer begin to see a way to rescue the youngsters, escape, and rid themselves forever of the horrible uncles. Other magical beings inhabit this land, such as the Nis, a truculent and ill-treated household spirit, and Granny Green-teeth, a fearsome creature that lurks in a millpond.