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Sunday, June 13, 2010


The rebellious Princess Lenora and her cautious, clairvoyant fiance, Coren, return. Once again, the princess is bored with the predictable pace of life in Gepeth and seeks adventure, this time searching for a giant who is terrorizing the land. She escapes her parents' scrutiny by creating an idealized version of herself and inadvertently creates a second Coren as well (this one is a swashbuckling adventurer). These two "shadow" characters add both humor and meaning to the tale, exemplifying the ways in which stereotypes limit personal growth. As the four young people seek to discover the source of the problems plaguing Gepeth, they are thrust into many odd situations.

Market Price: Unknown
Our Price: RM4
Condition: 4/5
Product Details: Paperback 188 pages 
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