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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Starting out as a boy in the Catskills, Corky develops into a brilliant and famous magician whose long-hidden secret and expert skills attract dark forces intent on destroying him.

My personal review: This book is seriously good. The only reason I want to sell it off is because it is too good - it's a scary book, and it scared me to bits. That's why I can't read it anymore. To anyone who likes scary books - this is for you. And by the way, William Goldman is a freaking good writer - he writes screenplays too. Google him to find more of his wonderful works (I have Princess Bride, which is written by him as well, but that's not for sale....kekeke)

Market Price: Unavailable
Our Price: RM10
Condition: 3/5
Product Details: Paperback 243 pages 
Status: Available